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Participants only

Please record in the order listed.
Electronic submissions ONLY.
Please submit using a link to a Dropbox file (or comparable online sharing service) in an email to
All repertoire should be combined into one audio file.
Record solo repertoire without piano.
No editing within individual excerpt.
Record all selections in same location.


David Concertino – beginning to letter C
Martin Ballade – beginning to No. 6
Bordogni/Rochut No. 15 – beginning through m. 24 – performed down one octave
Mozart Requiem “Tuba mirum” – 2nd trombone solo
Berlioz Hungarian March – 2nd trombone – beginning 6 m. before rehearsal 4 through the 2nd m. of rehearsal 5
Ravel Bolero – 1st trombone solo – 3rd measure of rehearsal 10 to rehearsal 11
Wagner Ride of the Valkyries – 1st trombone (major only)


Vaughan Williams Concerto for Bass Tuba – mvt. 1 – beginning through 4m. before rehearsal 8
Vaughan Williams Concerto for Bass Tuba – mvt. 2 – rehearsal 1 through first measure of rehearsal 5
Blazhevich 70 Studies for BB flat Tuba – vol. 1 – No. 11 (Robert King Edition)
Bach “Sarabande” from Cello Suite No. 5 (no repeats)
Respighi Fountains of Rome – pick up to rehearsal 11 to 5 measures before rehearsal 16
Kodaly Hary Janos Suite – mvt.4 – beginning in the 5th m. of the Poco meno mosso to the lunga Pausa fermata
Wagner Ride of the Valkyries – 2nd major section only